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Almost Swell Day

· One min read
Tyler Ruff
Blazed Labs LLC

It's already August, time for content and progress updates.

You may or may not know that a small tradition of the Blazed Labs company is to host a small celebration/festival event on the fourth of August every year. This year is no exception, we're planning to host Swell Day 2023 (Facebook) by presenting our planned projects to shareholders. We hope to start a tradition based on open and transparent business.

Anyway, I'm moving through this site and making some changes, as well as some of the other sites. Some great milestones have been crossed, and we intend to keep the good work up.

Some changes I'm going to push for in the near future:

  • Fire 2.0
  • Fire Vue 1.0
  • Fire Nuxt 1.0
  • Sky 1.0
  • Fire Svelte 2.0
  • Fire Next 2.0
  • Fire React 2.0

Other than that, the upcoming Products and Services list will be announced on Swell Day; August 4th, 2023.